Where are Singaporeans mostly investing their SRS into?

The top choice still remains the STI Index, although I'm personally not the biggest fan of that in the current climate (given that global market indices generally perform better).

Technology, Gold and REITs seem to also appeal to many investors. I won't be surprised if these continue to perform decently well over the next few years.

For those of you who aren't sure where to invest your SRS monies into, this list could be a good place to begin.

ETFs are generally popular as a SRS investment vehicle because of their passively-managed feature, and since your SRS funds are likely being parked away for the long run, this makes it a fuss-free way to get potentially a lot more than what the banks will pay you while your funds lay idle.

If you need guidance on how to evaluate among the different ETFs, click on the Academy for a crash course so you can get skilled in it today, and start investing in your preferred ETFs right away.

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