I've had the Fuzzie app since 2018 and was using it regularly for discounted vouchers and cashback across Grab, Zalora and other merchants. However, that came to a standstill in 2019 when I could no longer login to the app..and later found out in their Facebook announcement that it was because they were busy revamping themselves into something better.

I was already a former Fuzzie member, so I had automatic access to the Club during their recent relaunch and spent the past few months testing it out. Here's what I think:

About Fuzzie

Fuzzie markets itself as "Singapore's Ultimate Privileges Club" and describes it as an "exclusive, invite-only membership programme that gives you insider access to the greatest privileges ever across hundreds of popular brands from dining, groceries, entertainment, healthcare, fitness, beauty, kids, activities, cars, pets and more".

That's quite a mouthful, and a pretty tall statement to make.

They also claim that with regular usage, "you can expect to generate savings of at least S$2,000 each year". 

As it is, I'm not someone who shops a lot, so I'm highly doubtful that the app will help me save that much money in the year - it'll have to cover merchants like the following where I generally shop at:

  • FairPrice (for groceries)
  • Watsons (for cosmetics and toiletries)
  • Golden Village / Cathay / Filmgarde (watching movies in the cinema is my indulgence)
  • Fast food (I'm guilty of loving my McDonalds' or Burger King's burgers / KFC fried chicken / Long John Silvers fish)
  • Zalora (for online clothes shopping)

So let's put that to the test.

Discounts and Deals on Fuzzie that I would use

It took me a while to explore the full Fuzzie Club privileges in its entirety, but doing so allowed me to get an accurate view of how I would stand to benefit. Here are some of the deals that I shortlisted which I can foresee myself using:


  • CP Foods - 22% off
  • FairPrice Online - 8% off


  • Skechers - 30% off total bill
  • Zalora - $25 voucher and 12% cashback
  • FOX Kids & Baby - 30% off 
  • Times Bookstores - 20% off (stackable)
  • Motherswork - 15% to 20% off
  • Golden Village - 30% cashback
  • Snow City - 50% off admissions


  • Helpling - $50 off services
  • Healthway Medical - $12 GP consultations
  • Healthway Dental - member rates, including $68 for cleaning, scaling and polishing 
  • Pink Parlour - free express manicure and underarm waxing


  • Burger King - stackable discounts and exclusive Fuzzie deals (30% - 50% off curated BK sets and delivery)
  • Wolf Burgers - 30% off or 1-for-1 truffle fries
  • Gelare - 50% off waffles or 1-for-1 pasta
  • Big Fish Small Fish - 30% off total bill
  • Manhattan Fish Market - 1-for-1 deals or 30% off takeaways
  • OldTown White Coffee - 25% off
  • Collin's - 30% off
  • Cha Nung - 30% off bubble tea
  • Kampong Amin Dim Sum - 1-for-1 mains or 30% off
  • Sakae Sushi - 1-for-1 deals or 25% off
  • Kazo - 1-for-1 or 25% off
There are other brands like Melissa (shoes) and ClassPass (fitness), so if you gravitate towards those merchants then you'll probably end up saving a lot more than I will. Note: some of the vouchers are subject to availability - turn on your notifications so you won't miss out!

I was also really excited by a particular "exclusive Fuzzie Wellness Pass" to hotel facilities and spa, because their merchant partner in this case is one that I've visited before - and loved. While I won't be able to visit it now in my pregnant state, you can bet that I'll be here for sure in Q4 after my baby is out!

A combination of paid memberships?

In one of their own blog posts, the Fuzzie team also claims that you'll be better off with their app, because it is akin to "combining all the best popular paid memberships in Singapore into 1".

I'm not too sure about this claim, because I'm a paying member of NTUC membership and Burpple (switched over from The Entertainer because I wanted a different variety and there was a promo) and don't foresee myself cancelling these 2 memberships just because I'm on Fuzzie now. 

For instance, Fuzzie Club won't be able to help me earn LinkPoints on Nate's preschool fees or my groceries at FairPrice, nor will it give me $250 UTAP credits each year which I've been for upgrading myself through courses and exams. As for Burpple, it has some fantastic atas fine-dining restaurants where I've used for celebrating special occasions, so I'm definitely keeping that for now as well.

Similarly, I don't expect that members of AIA Vitality will cancel their memberships because getting 15% off your AIA insurance premiums and/or 25% off cruise fares just aren't benefits that Fuzzie Club can give you when you switch over.

But at the end of the day, this clearly boils down to your spending habits and preferences.

Fuzzie does have its benefits, and there are definitely some offers and discounts where I've yet to see anywhere else. Many of their discounts also either do not require a minimum spend, or are stackable (!!), or apply to all items on the menu (including drinks and delivery - this is something that Burpple doesn't have).

Is Fuzzie worth paying for?

Given that the current launch promotion is at $29.90 until 31 May 2021, I would think it is a no-brainer to sign up for the Fuzzie Club membership because you should easily chalk up more savings than that. We used the Fuzzie health screening offer, for instance, and supposedly saved $350 till date.

I recommend that you download the Fuzzie app to scroll through the different offers that you can get access to, and then decide if those are what you value some savings on. Otherwise, if your spending habits are similar to mine, then my curated list above should come in handy to give you a general idea of what savings you could benefit from.

But here's the caveat - you won't be able to get access to the Fuzzie Club on your own.

They DID say it is by-invite only, after all.

You'll either need to get access through your company (some corporations have special tie-ups with Fuzzie to offer it as an employee benefit) or through someone you know.

So if you don't have a friend who's already in the club...you're more than welcome to use my invite and get a $5 credit. Simply key in sgbb into the referral code field, and then enter BUDGETBABE29

  • Step 1: Download Fuzzie here
  • Step 2: Use referral code sgbb to unlock access and register an account
  • Step 3: Go to Club --> Join Club --> Apply Promo Code BUDGETBABE29 + Referral Code --> Checkout
You should now be able to access and enjoy the full club privileges.

If any of you Fuzzie members happen to see me at the hotel / spa / sauna, be sure to say hi ;)

With love,
Budget Babe

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.