Having saved $301 on food within just 2 weeks on the Burpple Beyond app, it becomes a no-brainer for any foodie to sign up for the membership for all those 1-for-1 deals.

At just $49 / year for 2 one-for-one offers per place, that means you're likely to "recoup" your membership subscription within your very first meal...just don't choose a bubble tea stall as your first stop lah -.-

If you want to get more value for your buck, I highly recommend the Premium tier at $99 / year, which is what you're on. Plus, you can now get that for just $69 with a promo code!

Read on to find out why this app has been super wuhua for us.

With more than 500 merchants right now, there's a never-ending list of places you can visit to claim your deals. Even if you aim to visit one each day, you unlikely to be able to finish them all before the year ends. 

And that's what makes the app so accessible to folks like you and me. From bubble tea shops like Hollin to high SES, fine-dining restaurants like Zafferano, you'll seriously be spoilt for choice.

From just $4 / month

Or, if you go for the Premium account (which is what I have), that works out to be $8.25 a month at full-price, or just $5.80 / month after you use a 30% promo code.

My family is using Burpple Beyond to get savings while dining out, and we've already clocked a total of $301 savings in 2 weeks alone, which makes the Premium membership fee more than worth it. 

On the Burpple Beyond website, they claim that the average member saves $920 a year. That's...a lot.

There's a lot of awesome fine-dining deals that you can bring your spouse (or date) to, and you can also tap to see the details of the deal. As an example, check out this menu we ate recently at Zafferano (touted as Singapore's best Italian restaurant):

And if you're wondering why I paid for Burpple Beyond when there's Eatigo (free app), there were a few key reasons:

  • Choice of merchants - I was drawn to the huge variety on Burpple, and when I did the math of where I would personally eat at, the discounts really added up

  • Dine even during peak hours - if you're gunning for 40% to 50% off discounts, there aren't much options for peak lunch/dinner timings so unless you generally eat your meals only after 2pm / 9pm, it'll be hard to get that level of discount.

  • No reservations needed - with Eatigo, I needed to make reservations in advance but for Burpple, I've mostly been able to walk into the outlet and simply quote Burpple on the spot. (except for the fine dining restaurants like Zafferano, where reservations are generally required - with or without Burpple)

Filter by trend, location, price or cuisine

I was surprised to see such a wide variety of partner merchants on Burpple Beyond, with 1-for-1 bubble tea to acai bowls to buffets and desserts, and across various cuisines too. Redeeming the deals were also a breeze for many of the outlets we've dined at so far at anytime, anywhere. 

No clue on where to go? Try the trending filter to find out what's popular with other users recently. You can also filter by price range if you prefer.

You won't need to rely on Google Maps for dining suggestions near you anymore either, now that you can simply search by location on Burpple Beyond.

Alternatively, if you're craving for a particular cuisine, filter by that option instead. Japanese, Thai, Mexican, etc. You can even search for Halal ones, if you need.

For the tai-tai wannabes, there are even high tea options for you to indulge in!

Got a sweet tooth? You can even search by cakes or ice cream!

Perfect for special occasions

Rather than racking my brains over where to dine for special occasions, I mainly use the Burrple Beyond app now to narrow down our options, and this has seriously saved me hours of research otherwise.

For instance, some of the merchants I've added to my wishlist to try are:
  • Ola Cocina Del Mar (featured in the 2019 MICHELIN Guide)
  • Zafferano Italian (1-for-1 $98 special set menu, which we just redeemed recently for a birthday celebration!)
  • fyr (modern grill with 50% off mains)

And the next time I have to head to town for client meetings or social gatherings, these are the trending merchants I'll probably be trying:
  • My Little Tapas Bar (1-for-1 tapas)
  • Sarnies (50% off all mains)
  • Brotzeit (the 1-for-1 classics and sausages offer meant we paid only $45 for an entire table full of 3 main dishes with complimentary sides of vegetables and potato wedges!)
  • Harry's (1-for-1 main dish and beer)

Go back to your favourite places again and again

We felt the Premium plan was the best value because it allows us to go back up to 4 times to the same merchant. Remember, this includes partner brands like Dunkin Donuts, Hollins (bubble tea) and even dessert places like Cat & The Fiddle (cakes), Leclair Patisserie (best eclairs in town), PPP Coffee, Twenty Grammes (waffles) and the much-raved Windowsill Pies!

This also means that technically, if you're super atas and wanted to only eat at high-SES restaurants like Wakanui Grill Dining, making the 4 trips there will save you more than $400. That's insane.

Compare this to the price you paid for membership at just $69 for (promo code at the end of this article) and tell me how is that not a good deal.

If that's not value, I don't know what it is.

See user reviews before ordering

If you're like me and will do a Google search to see what's best before you order, you'll appreciate the convenience of being able to view user photos and read their reviews on the app.
The Burpple developers have also built in recommendations in the search engine, so when we click into the merchant to view more details, it tells us the most popular dishes that we might want to order as well. 

Some users also rate the eatery's ambience and customer service, so if you're searching for a place to impress (or indulge) your other half for a special occasion, these reviews will come in handy.

Warning: better control your budget

I better warn you guys first, it is highly likely that you'll soon become addicted to eating at Burpple Beyond merchants only (as much as you can, that is). I've definitely found myself leaning towards Burpple's merchants whenever we feel like going out for a good meal these days.

Because of all the irresistible deals on the app, it can be super tempting to jio more of your friends out for meals just so you can get more out of your membership. 

Or to go for fine dining more than you did before.

So be sure to set a food budget each month and erm, stick to it - regardless of your Burpple membership tier. 

Well, at least you're paying less while you're at it :P

This review is completely organic and based on my own experiences with the membership in the past few weeks, but I've also gotten a promo code from the Burpple Beyond team to share with you guys if you're thinking of subscribing.

Which means you can now get Burpple Beyond for just ~$69 / year when you use BUDGET30 for 30% off the Premium membership.

Have fun eating and saving!

With love,
Budget Babe

Disclosure: This review is NOT sponsored, and I paid for my own Burpple Beyond membership (also with the 30% off). The Burpple Beyond team has kindly given a promo code for readers, and I hope you'll love the awesome deals as much as we've been using them!