The global death toll from COVID-19 has just crossed 1 million. 30 vaccines in global clinical trials. The upcoming US Presidential Elections in November. The uncertainty over oil prices. 

How will these affect the stock markets in the coming months? Do stocks still have room to climb, or are the worst already behind us?

Block out your calendar for this weekend at the upcoming Market Insights Virtual Summit - 4Q2020 Outlook and join me as I speak alongside several expert guest speakers on where the markets are likely to be headed in the coming months. Macro-economics, fundamental analysis and technical analysis will be covered, and you can expect a weekend of fruitful learning. 

My session will be happening at 1pm this Sunday where I'll be talking about technology stocks, and where they're likely to go next.

A lot of companies are now jumping on the bandwagon to term themselves as a "tech company", but the truth is, not all that glitters is gold.

Technology companies that are superior and likely to fare well in the long run tend to have several characteristics, some of which include:

  • high profitability margins
  • being in a growing, addressable market
  • already has or is building a strong moat
  • network effects
There's more, and I'll be covering them in my session on Sunday. 

I'll also be sharing case studies on stocks that I've either already invested in, or are on my watchlist (i.e. I'm looking for an opportunity to enter). They will span across tech stocks listed in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

These include traditional companies who are already embracing digital, and have huge plans for a digital revolution of their existing business model(s). Some will do well while others may falter.

Is there still room to grow for technology stocks? You bet, but only if we invest in the right ones.

Join me this Sunday to learn and discuss more!

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Budget Babe