Where could the markets go from here? How will they fare in the second half of 2020? While no one has a crystal ball into the future, hearing what others have to say can give you several insights that you might be able to act upon and tweak your own investment strategy accordingly. At this upcoming event, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the market as well as several stocks that I believe could be huge winners in a post-COVID19 world. Tune in to find out which!

Come next Sunday, I'll be speaking at the Market Insights Virtual Summit and considering how you can get free tickets to this online event, make sure you block out your calendar for a weekend of learning!

The organisers invited me to share my thoughts on the current market, and how retail investors like you and me can still benefit from it. I thought it'll be a great opportunity so I accepted, and if you're keen to learn more, come along for the session!

They've put together a prolific panel of speakers that will cover all of the following areas, which will basically help you make sense out of this madness in the financial markets right now and where investors should go from here.

I've not heard from some of the other speakers before, so for the sessions that particularly interests me (mostly on stocks and market outlook), I'll definitely be tuning in as an attendee myself to hear what they have to say.

But in the meantime, here's a quick look of what I'll be sharing during my session:

Historical parallels and stock markets of today

Some are drawing references from The Great Depression of 1929, while others are talking about how the 1918 Spanish flu might be more accurate. How did stock markets behave then, and what was the impact of quantitative easing (QE) in previous crises? Will this time be any different?

Technology stocks

The biggest winners of March - June were mostly from the technological sector. If you've been befuddled by the recent market rally, you'll probably want to tune in as I'll be covering on tech stocks - particularly companies that are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and more.

A lot of my recent market moves since last year have been on technology stocks, and I'll talk about how I managed to identify huge winners like Fastly, Tencent and more.

Fastly was my June 2020 stock pick for Patreon members here, whereas Tencent was a stock pick I covered since March 2019.

Investing in a post-Covid-19 world

Aside from technology counters, I will also talk about what stocks and industries I believe are likely to benefit from a post-Covid19 world. 

We already know that travel (as we know it) won't be returning anytime soon - not until a vaccine is found, or the virus is almost completely eradicated. Even Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, has admitted that the business he painstakingly built over 12 years saw them lose almost everything in 6 weeks. Is it safe to look at travel or tourism-related stocks now, or should we wait until the fog lifts?

We also know that digital technologies and remote work will be a new norm, but how can we invest to ride on this wave?

See you at the Market Insights virtual summit next weekend as I discuss all these issues, and more.

Also, the organisers have very kindly offered special prizes for 4 lucky SG Budget Babe readers who sign up for this event and spread the word! Stand a chance to win an all-access pass (USD 59), or be that one lucky winner who will walk away with an access pass (SGD 59) AND a hardcopy of Michael Covel's book - Trend Following: How To Make a Fortune in Bull, Bear and Black Swan Markets (retails for SGD 50)!

With love,
Budget Babe