Grab has recently revamped their GrabRewards system, and I think it sucks. The changes kick in 2 March 2020. How should we consumers react?

What it means for consumers: your earning rates and point redemptions will be affected (and it's NOT a good thing!)

TLDR Summary:

  • You will now earn lesser GrabRewards with every transaction
  • It will cost more to move up your Member Tier
  • It will cost you more GrabReward points to redeem vouchers

Pro Tip: You should never use cash to pay for Grab unless you want to earn 4 x lesser points. Use GrabPay or your GrabPay Mastercard instead.

As a long-time Grab user, I have to say their latest changes have left me extremely disappointed. The major devaluation of points and increased spending to upgrade our membership tiers and redeem vouchers are bad news. And if you were a Platinum member like me, it now costs us almost 40% more to redeem our GrabReward points.

To try and buffer the hit, Grab has introduced new initiatives such as "Challenges", where you can complete assigned tasks (like taking 10 Grab rides within a week) in order to earn additional points. This is hardly anything to shout about, as it just looks to me like another feeble attempt to get us to spend more.

You'd probably want to quickly redeem your points for Grab vouchers before the devaluation kicks in on 2 March 2020, so go ahead and open up your Grab app now. 

P.S. If you've recently signed up for the GrabPay MasterCard, congratulations because there's little reason to use it once the new changes become effective (unless Grab runs another promo, so let's wait and see.)

With love,
Budget Babe


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