There's a new unlimited cashback card in the market, and its name is Citibank Cash Back +.

Launched earlier today (with what I presumed is meant to be a twist on the bank's wildly popular Citi Cash Back Card), this one comes in tops among its other competitors at 1.6% cashback with no minimum spend. There is also no maximum cap on the amount of cashback you can earn, which makes it ideal for folks with either small spending (i.e. you can't hit the minimum spend for other cashback cards), or if you have a large purchase coming up (thus crossing the max limits on other cards).

See reviews here of its other competitors - the AMEX True Cashback and Standard Chartered Unlimited Card, both of which offer 1.5%. However, AMEX is offering an additional welcome bonus of a further 1.5% (total 3%) over your first 6 months, for a max. of $5k spent.

If you're thinking of signing up for the Citi Cash Back + card, you can do so through 2 ways. Let's see which sounds better:

Option 1: via Citibank direct

If you sign up via Citibank directly, you stand to get a welcome bonus 2.9% for the first 3 months and no later than 31 May 2020.

The maximum bonus cashback amount you can earn is capped at $145.

Option 2: via SingSaver

SingSaver is currently the only financial aggregator offering the card, and they also happen to be giving the highest welcome bonus of $350 cash if you sign up between today to 19 February 2020. As long as you're a new-to-bank customer and you've not cancelled any Citibank card in the last 12 months.

You'll have to forfeit the bonus 2.9% that Citibank would have otherwise given you if you went directly to them, but considering that's just worth no more than $145 and requires you to spend $5,000 before you'll even get that, it is pretty obvious to me that SingSaver has the better deal right now.

TLDR: Choose between SingSaver's $350 (no spend needed) or Citibank's $145 (spend $5000 first).

The promotion of $350 (you'll get it via PayNow) is only available for 6 days though, so go ahead and sign up before it ends!

Disclosure: This PSA post contains affiliate links. I'm naturally supporting the one that gives the consumer the best deal right now, so that's why you don't see any links to Citibank's website directly :P

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  1. Think it may be good to mention that for the Singsaver,
    $350 is for New to Bank Customers,
    $30 for existing Bank Customers..

    1. Hello! yes, it is mentioned as the last sentence in the paragraph under the highlighted portion. I didn't mention $30 for existing bank customers because frankly speaking, it doesn't really make sense to get the card that way unless there aren't any roadshows you can find to give you a better welcome bonus/gift. So I'd rather not encourage that, even if it means I'll earn one less affiliate fee!