Ever since we successfully pulled off our budget wedding 2 years ago, I've been getting many enquiries from readers for recommendations on affordable food caterers and dessert tables. who are also looking to have a party for their special occasions without busting their budget.

For big, celebratory affairs, I've always stuck to Manna Pot Catering because they are Singapore's most affordable F&B caterer. They're a HUGE group owning multiple businesses, which includes an in-house bakery, several restaurants, and more! Famous among budget brides, parents and renowned for their customised birthday parties, word of Manna Pot Catering has since spread like wildfire among various Facebook groups.

After the beautiful job they did for us at our wedding, we knew without a doubt that we wanted to work with them for subsequent events as well. Over the weekend, we held our 100-day celebration party for baby Nate, and although I initially wasn't going to write a blog post about it, I ended up receiving sooo many DMs about it so I thought I'll put the details here for easier reference!

DIY or Catered?

When we decided to hold a 100-day celebration party for baby Nate, I was contemplating between the idea of DIY-ing vs. hosting it at our house while catering food and a dessert table.

We opted for the 100-day celebration for baby Nate to meet our family and friends as he would be more interactive by then. It was also more manageable for me to plan this instead of a full-month party, which would have required me to plan and handle everything during my confinement where I was constantly tired, in pain and depressed (I had postpartum depression).

I initially thought DIY-ing my own party would be a cheaper option, but after checking with fellow mummies who DIY-ed their own, it turned out that the cost difference wasn't that much. The thought of also having to prepare and put up the decorations, and then tear down and clean up after our guests left...I didn't think I could handle so much work, considering how tough it already is with a baby! So in the end, we eventually decided to host Nate's party at Sage Restaurant and Bar.

We picked this because:
  • It was spacious with plenty of seats and tables.
  • It was easy for our guests to travel to (2-minute walk from Rochor MRT).
  • Their packages were extremely worth it for the price vs. value offered.

Here's some photos of our party!


Package Details

We had the SAGE Baby Celebratory Package, and added on more food since our families, colleagues and friends were coming. For the dessert table and photo-taking area, we had a dessert table from Divine Artisan (sponsored).

Both SAGE and Divine Artisan are owned under the same F&B group. Manna Pot Catering is Singapore's most affordable wedding caterer which also does baby showers, children's birthdays and 21st birthday parties. Regular readers would know I've been using them for since my wedding, where I discovered them quite by chance! Read about how they helped me to pull off my budget wedding here. Since then, many couples have been engaging them for their weddings as well!

Dessert Table

Since we were already on the Sage Baby Celebratory Package, it would only cost $100 to add on a customised backdrop. A 6-inch buttercream cake was already included, but we decided to go for a bigger and customised fondant cake to fit our Winnie the Pooh theme. The kids loved it!

As Manna Pot Catering has their own in-house bakery (Divine Artisan), their chefs were able to provide a customised dessert table which was superb value-for-money. It is definitely cheaper as well compared to if I had ordered catered food, and went separately to a specialised desserts company for the dessert table. 

For 50 guests, other dessert companies were quoting their set-ups at $1,000 for customisations, but even if you don't do a combination order with their food sister business, Divine Artisan does an incredibly gorgeous dessert table for $780 with a customised backdrop and customised cupcakes to your theme! So far, they've done themes like Cinderella, Baby Shark, Disney, Tsum Tsum, Frozen, Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Totoro, and more! 

Some of their creations, taken from their Instagram
Also putting in here the last set-up they did for me at my wedding (no cake because we got it separately then from a friend's contact, who does not wish to be named):


Some of you might also remember how I raved about the live stations I had at my wedding (laksa, carbed beef and duck, and a gelato truck). Those are also available if you have a minimum of 80 guests are your party, and start from $3.50 per guest for the laksa.

I also took the liberty to ask if they could extend a special readers' offer to any of you if you're also keen on engaging them (and help you save even more money!), and they've very kindly agreed to offer the following promotions:
  • 10% off SAGE Baby Celebratory Package (min. 40 pax)
  • FREE: A customised backdrop with your name and theme!
    (or if you prefer not to have a customised backdrop, you can opt for an additional 1-hour venue rental free as well, worth up to $150 on weekends) 
Simply tell them you're a Budget Babe reader (or quote "sgbudgetbabe")!

If you're on the look-out for an extremely value-for-money caterer and dessert table that's pretty on the eyes as well, this is one vendor I'll definitely recommend!

With love,
Budget Babe

Disclosure: This post was written as a thank-you gesture to Manna Pot Catering, Divine Artisan, and SAGE Restaurant and Bar for all the help and services rendered during our party yesterday. They did not ask for any feature in return, but I insisted on it because (i) their dessert tables are way too underrated to be kept a secret and (ii) too many readers have been asking me about where we got our desserts from!