All my cashback aficionados raise up your hand.

This is a challenge. An ultimate showdown. The one you've been waiting for (since it was first mentioned on 2 Nov in this post, to be exact).

As some of you might have already heard, there's a crackpot in town known as Aaron Wong (MileLion), who has been going around calling us cashback folks "fools" and "noobs". Read his piece here: ST writer prefers cashback to miles, fluffy kittens everywhere die.

He's not the only one, by the way. Talk to a miles hacker and they'll most likely call you silly as well. 

We need to prove him, and all his fellow miles-chasing addicts, wrong.

So join me on Thursday as we fight it out once and for all, like what mature adults do, and put this matter to rest. You can tune in via Facebook Live from the comfort of your own home.

Here's the event page with details on our upcoming debate.

2018 is just around the corner. You should definitely review your credit card strategy! We've invited a panel of miles and cashback hacking legends to share their ideas.

Featured panellists:

- Budget Babe
- MileLion
- ShopBack

- Mileslife
- CardUp

Learn how to:
- Develop your card strategy
- Stack payments smarter (maximise both cashback and miles)

Best suited for:

- Working adults fresh to the cards world
- Couples who may be planning your wedding soon
- If you're planning to make a big purchase soon (eg. renovation)

Because hey, who's gonna stand up for the cashback folks?

(In case you can't tell, I'm only joking about The MileLion being a crackpot. Aaron and I are friends, as you can see from our collaboration posts herehere and here. He was also the first person I ranted to about my frustrations towards how the UOB Krisflyer campaign was being marketed by social media influencers, and we both wrote our comebacks right after.)

P.S. Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite miles or cashback credit card(s), and I'll try to touch on them during the discussion!

With love,


  1. I love Cashback cards and I get almost $120 in Cashback every month with a spend of about $1300. This is excluding the cashback bonus from signing up for the cards. Recently I got frustrated because my favorite card for online shopping, the singpost-standchart card, is revising its Cashback for online shopping from 7% to 2% from the next billing cycle and it will be time to cancel the card and switch over to BOC family card.

    My point is, Cashback credit cards seems to have their terms and benefits revised more regularly than airmiles card. The emphasis is on the word 'seems'. You might want to explore this point in your debate because on the other hand Cashback cards do have special promotions for multipliers from time to time.

    1. $120 a month is fantastic cash back!

      I do agree, the SingPost SC card was fantastic and was pretty much the best for the online shopping universe...until they changed their rebates from 7% to 2% -.-

      That's a great point, thanks for highlighting Kelvin!

  2. while accumulating miles for the whole family, which might takes 1 yr?
    2 cents/mile sitting there not earning any interest?

    am i correct?

    1. and would more likely to be motivated to keep spending $$$ just to reach their holiday goals.
      might over look those cheap discount/promo