Can you hold a (budget) wedding without looking cheap?

The answer is, yes!

See what our wedding looked like in the exclusive 6-page feature in Her World Brides (September 2017 issue), where we share some sneaks into our wedding, as well as how we went about planning it on a budget. In addition, I was also asked to contribute an article specially for Bride(s) on a Budget and how you can hold your own dream wedding for a fraction of the costs (and most importantly, without looking cheap)!

You can find this on the cover story of the magazine: 7 smart ways to save.

This issue also comes together with peeks into Jesseca Liu and Cheryl Wee's wedding, which are absolutely gorgeous as well. In our feature, I also open up for the first time about How I Met My Husband! You'll find exclusive photos of our wedding, including the morning tea ceremony and the lovely bridal silk "kua" I donned, which was the very same one my husband's mom got married in.

Go grab a copy of the magazine to read the full story! (There's 2 Budget Babe articles in this issue.)

The reason why I decided to share our story is because I want to show you guys that in today's era of Pinterest-perfect and Instagram-worthy weddings, you don't have to feel like you need to spend a bomb in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

Let's define what makes a successful wedding. Traditionally, weddings were held to celebrate the union of a couple in the presence of their family and friends. By that definition, any wedding (regardless of scale or cost) where the couple gets legally wed can be said to be a successful one.

However, over the years (and especially today) weddings seem to have evolved into some kind of competition to see who has the most Insta-worthy wedding. It is no longer enough to have a wedding - your wedding needs to look good for social media as well. Custom themed-decor, photo booths, professional emcee services, band performances and 5-tier cakes aren't even enough; have an overseas engagement party! Buy lavish gifts for your bridesmaids, or even better, pamper them with a spa session beforehand!

Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong about throwing a big grand party if you can afford it. The problem is when you can't, and borrow or rely on your guests to help cover the costs for you.

We didn't want to put such a pressure on them. We wanted them to just come and celebrate with us.

On top of that, I just don't see the point of blowing an entire year worth of salary on a one-day affair.  I'd rather spend the money on travelling or getting our house - in other words, stuff that would add more value to my marriage, rather than a one-day show for the whole world to see.

I talk about all these issues, together with tips on how to plan and stick within your budget. Details about our wedding and the lovely vendors (I sourced from over 100+ vendors before deciding on the ones we used in the end, which I felt offered really good value-for-money) we worked with, as well as full transparency of our costs, are all provided within the magazine!

If you would rather get the digital copy, it is also available at this link.

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    1. LOL no! the front page is gorgeous local actress Jesseca Liu. I'm on the inside pages ^^