With 10 long weekends coming up in 2017, where's the best place to go for a short (and ideally cheap) getaway?

Work has been getting increasingly stressful for us this year with more responsibilities on our plate, and we definitely need to get out of the country once in a while to recharge and escape from it all.
There are tons of cheap deals and discounts running for flights and hotels, and I've detailed some tips on how you can pay less for budget flight tickets for a trip out of Singapore in a previous post here.
But just as you get all happy with having gotten a cheap plane ticket, there comes the headache of having to plan your travel itinerary and book all the respective tourist attractions. The costs escalate, and I lost track of how many hours I've spent on researching each attraction because everything is always in different websites or places. Every website promises to give the lowest cost available, and then I find another website with an even lower cost after a few more minutes of Googling.
So when my university course-mate introduced me to Klook, everything suddenly became so much easier! I get to see most of the famous attractions and "must-do" activities in a country, and book them all from one single place. Furthermore, their discounts are pretty amazing. I tested this out on a few attractions I'm been meaning to visit and these were the prices I found:

(I tested each out for 9 Jan, 2 adults (1 couple la, good things must do in pairs) and kept the currency constant)


Cruise over Tokyo in a helicopter (let me pretend I'm starring in that scene in Episode 2 of Descendants of the Sun can?):

*voyagin flight prices were for a private charter

Hong Kong Disneyland

4-course Cable Car dining

Universal Studios Singapore

In all cases, Klook always came up as the cheapest for the attractions. What's more, I get to read reviews of each activity within the site instead of scouring through blogs and TripAdvisor for reviews individually.

My only grouse was that they seem to only have attractions for Asia right now, and I'll love to see Europe and USA added into their website over time as tourist numbers continue to grow.

This is not a sponsored advertorial, and I'm sharing this because after trying it out for myself, I realised how easy it has become to book and plan my travel itineraries using Klook while getting discounted prices at the same time. 

Due to the multiple layers of distribution and partnerships in the travel industry, everyone knows prices for an attraction can vary vastly across different sites, and much research is usually required in order to find the lowest priced ticket. I remember spending endless hours planning for our Taiwan trip, as I was researching and buying tickets for our activities from different platforms just to save on costs. Klook, on the other hand, is usually the cheapest (unless you have other promotions for credit cards ongoing).

I also get instant confirmation and skip the queues!

Here's the best part: I can literally book my tickets while standing at the attraction gate, get it instantly on my mobile and enter the park right away, skipping all the queues. For Hong Kong Disneyland, many people have to buy and collect over the CTS counter for discounted tickets, but with Klook, I no longer have to do that. Saving both time and money is definitely a win-win in my books!

While I was still in the midst of comparing Klook to other discounts, I read in the papers that they had partnered with Scoot to pay for a cleaner's foiled trip after she was cheated by a travel agency which folded on the day of her intended departure. Who doesn't like a brand with a heart? Great PR, Klook!

I'm already planning and booking my activities for 2017 trips to Korea and Bangkok now via Klook, and if you'll like to use it for your own itinerary, how about signing up via my link to get an extra $10 credits free with no minimum spending? We can both benefit together, lah :D

Enter voucher code KLOOKBUDGET to get a further S$5 off your first booking (now you can get into USS for just S$56 to check out their Christmas deco!), valid until 30 June 2017.

Sign up at my link here!

With love,
Budget Babe