It has taken me a while, but for all of you who have been asking, I've finally caved in and created an Instagram account.

I had my reservations initially, as I used to think Instagram as a platform for presenting only our best selves which aren't completely real (I mean, seriously, everyone on Instagram looks so good all the time, how can that be possible?). A lot of it also revolves around taking gorgeous shots and lots of tries and editing before uploading them for the world to see. That just isn't something I do on a regular basis.

Heck, I barely even take photos when I head out. I've never seen the need for documenting my #OOTDs (outfits of the day) or every dish that I eat. When I meet up with friends, there are hardly any photos to prove that we even hung out.

What for? I prefer to live in the moment, rather than be viewing it through my camera lenses and putting it on show for the whole world to see. 

But after the recent flak about Instagram - thanks to models Essena O'Neill and Stina Sanders - a lot of good conversations have emerged. As one of my friends rightfully pointed out last night, Instagram is merely a platform; we get to choose and curate what content we want to put on it.

The best part is, Instagram provides a great platform to document some of the little things in my life that I find worthy and valuable to want to share with everyone else...without having to wait until I get home at night to write a blog post on. Things like coupons and great deals I see around town are not always suitable for a proper blog post, but it is a pity that not many people hear know about them before the offer is over. Now, all of that can change.

So I finally relented and created an account. Moving forward, I'll be sharing on Instagram more about:

- Bite-sized personal finance tips and wise quotes
- Breaking news and investment announcements
- Snapshots of my cheap and awesome eats, dating places, fashion outfits...things that make up parts of my regular life 
- Good and value-for-money deals or coupons in Singapore

(Like my amazing $5 brunch easily beats the other $20 options served in hipster cafes.)

There are many who don't believe it is possible to lead a meaningful and exciting life on a budget, but I hope to use this Instagram feed to disprove this myth. Join me, and if you have photos of your own to share as well, feel free to tag me in them so I can retweet! 

I hope to see you there! 

P.S. I'm quite new to this, so if you have any tips for me on Instagram or ideas on what you'll like to see, please let me know!

With love,
Budget Babe


  1. Agree with your friend that Instagram (IG) is another social media platform for us to communicate and express idea through images and videos.

    Besides your $5 brunch blog post, you have also shared with me a good café in Orchard area which is really value for money =D Looking forward to more of your IG updates on your interests.

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