Hey guys!

I'm in the midst of an investigative post on a big-ticket item that the all of us have been fooled into paying big bucks for, so do check back for the next post where I reveal these "lies" once and for all! 

In the meantime, I'm taking a short break from my research to do a quick shout-out for Blended's latest deal.

As you guys might know, the majority of my daily skincare routine consists of organic products from Blended - especially their oil-reducing cleanser, facial scrub, Vitamin C serum, organic sunscreen moisturizer and regular masks which I apply at least twice a week.

I still find it hard to use oil-based cleansers because I still like the feeling of having squeaky clean skin after washing, so I'm really proud and satisfied with Blended's cleanser. It uses both oils and oil-based soap to give you that "clean" feeling and make it easier for you to transit to the oil-cleansing method.

I promised myself that I would actively cut down on skincare products which uses synthetic chemicals after reading and seeing viral photos of older women who looked like they were still in their 20s and 30s...and finding out that their secret in keeping their skin young was in using organic skincare ONLY.

Years ago, I stopped using facial scrubs that use micro-beads, and celebrated with the rest of the world earlier this month when California decided to ban microbeads in personal cosmetics. If you haven't already found out why, you should.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the promotion: the Blended team is offering to banish oily skin once and for all only for the month of October.

They have only 7 sets are available for this promotion, so do grab them fast! It's a huge savings of $30, which is why I agreed to do this post for the team.

I use all of the 3 products above myself and can assure you that they've done wonders for my skin. More on this in a post next time when I share with you how I overcame my skin struggles without spending too much money.

My favourite is the pore powder, which I use to touch up my makeup and reduce shine whenever I'm out. But Blended's customers feel differently, as it seems like their top-selling product, the coffee exfoliator, is the public's favourite instead!

Here are some reviews:

P.S. Tell the sales team you're a reader of Budget Babe and they might just give you a little freebie on top of your purchase! :)