$5 for an organic Vitamin C serum. Too good to be true?

Sidenote: I'm currently considering moving all my savings into what seems like a more attractive savings account with higher returns, and will update soon once I've made my decision. Am trying to weed out if it is just marketing talk or if there really is some substance to it. More in my next post.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a really attractive beauty promotion that my business partner is running:

I've been using Vitamin C serums for my acne scars and overall anti-ageing for 3 years now, and a common compliment I've been getting since 2013 is "Looking at your skin now, I would never have guessed that you used to have bad acne!"

It's one of my holy grails BUT good Vitamin C serums are just so darn expensive. To make things worse, I have really sensitive skin that reacts easily to chemicals in my creams or makeup...literally overnight breakouts, to be frank. 

Just take a look at the crazily expensive prices on Luxola:

Here's the good news, you can now get an organic Vitamin C serum for just $5 from organic skincare brand Blended

Thanks to an Anti-Ageing August promotion, the good guys at Shopee have offered to pay $10 if Blended absorbs $6.50 of the cost!

This is ONLY VALID for the next 3 days though so you might want to act fast if you've always wanted to try Vitamin C serums, but didn't due to the expensive prices on the market.

The promotion also applies to 2 more other items which I use slightly less often compared to the nightly Vitamin C serum.

I'm a little biased because I own a stake in the business, but you can check out all the other positive reviews online at Carousell (but I won't recommend buying there, because the prices there aren't subsidised unlike on Shopee).

Some of you who read my interview in the Straits Times may already know by now that I've turned my longtime hobby of creating organic beauty solutions into a business that is being largely run by my former colleague at the moment.

These products were the inexpensive way that I cured my own acne, and I really wanted to share the rest of my creations with other troubled teenagers and young adults who might not be able to afford the expensive doctor fees or other cosmetic solutions out there on the market.

I'll write about my own acne story another time, but if this post got you interested, do check out what we have at Shopee!

Here's to better skin together.

With love,
Budget Babe


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