If you're looking for more blogs like mine, here are some in Singapore's local finance scene whom I also check out every now and then:

The Finance SG a super useful consolidation resource.

Dollars and Sense run by my good friends, Timothy and Dinesh.

Dr Wealth run by my good friend, Alvin.

The Fifth Person run by my good friends, Rusmin, Victor and Adam. I've also attended and highly recommend their courses.

Investment Moats Kyith writes super frequently and is one of the OG finance bloggers!

My 15 Hour Work Week Thomas' writing is always beautiful to read.

Thumbtack Investor very in-depth investment research and with huge capital appetite, lol.

Seedly founded by my good friends, Kenneth and Tee Ming.

The Good Investors run by my good friend, Ser Jing.

Re-Think Wealth run by my good friend, Chris.

Rolf Suey a reader whom I've been chatting with since I first started!

SG Investment Bloggers a consolidation resource

PyInvesting who does backtesting and software in finance


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