My job requires me to look good almost all the time, so whenever my skin isn't in tip-top condition, I get really self-conscious and try to postpone meetings to a later date if I can.

With the crazy weather recently (especially from last week onwards), my biggest issue is with a shiny face and increased breakouts. 

I shared earlier about how the recent heat is causing us more skin problems, but wanted to do a follow-up post on solving the #1 problem I'm sure many of us are facing now: oil-slicked faces.
Sometimes even Meitu Xiuxiu and beauty filters cannot save our shiny faces.
Here's what I do:

1. Use an organic oil-control, mattifying powder.

To get rid of my oily T-zone instantly, I simply pat a good mattifying powder. Not only does it reduce shine, but also helps to make my pores less visible. Now that's killing two birds with one stone!

2 years ago, I used to apply Dr. Young's pore eraser powder, which was my holy grail until I got a good look at the ingredients in the product. There were too many chemicals for my liking, and so I stopped using it as I decided it might do more damage to my skin in the long run.
Being a fan of organic and all-natural skincare (my face HAS to get the best and only the best), I got really excited when Lush arrived in Singapore. This was one of the reviews I came across on their Emotional Brilliance powder, which is said to be great for oily skin. 

Unfortunately, I saw that Lush's organic claims seemed to me like mainly marketing talk. Their ingredients for this particular powder are: Talc, Mica, Organic Jojoba Oil, Iron Oxides, CI 77947.

Most people are probably unaware that talc, a common ingredient in many powders today, has actually been linked to cancer. A 2010 Harvard study concluded that the talc in baby powder is carcinogenic to humans. Just last year, two lawsuits were filed against Johnson & Johnson, claiming the company is responsible for giving women ovarian cancer through its talcum powder products. 

CI 77947 is actually just another name for zinc oxide, which is another potential carcinogenic agent.

While there is still insufficient and inconclusive evidence regarding these ingredients, I rather play safe and avoid them, rather than put myself at risk of cancer which could easily deplete my $20,000 savings overnight. Although difficult to find, it is better to look out for organic pore powder rather than risk your face and health for talc-based powders. Remember to also look out for these ingredients to avoid.

2. Avoid oil-blotters. 
(Use tissue papers if you really have to)

Honestly, it can be quite shiok seeing all the oils absorbed by your oil-blotting sheets. I remember in JC, my classmates and I used to have silly "competitions" to see who could produce the most oily sheets (gross, but fun). 

However, oil blotters are generally not good for your skin, because it works by stripping away your skin's layer of moisture. To compensate, your skin ends up producing even more sebum, which results in oiler skin. 

Don't believe me? Try using oil blotters for an extended period of time, and watch how much faster your skin becomes oily again after you've blotted. 

There are times when I really need to instantly get rid of shine and don't have my trusty pore powder on hand, so I use tissue paper to blot off the excess oil instead. But generally I try to avoid blotting as much as I can.

3. Apply moisturizer.

I use a light moisturizer to keep my skin soft and hydrated. It helps my makeup to glide on easier, and also prevents my skin from producing too much oil. I like using water or gel-based ones in the day so they do not add shine, and reserve moisturizing balms for at night which contain organic oils and has helped reduce my skin's oil levels over time.

4. Cleanse and exfoliate often.
The hot weather recently has been causing my skin to break out more often, so I've increased my frequency of exfoliating to thrice weekly to get rid of clogged pores from excess gunk and oils. On particularly hot days where I perspire more, I exfoliate on alternate days. This has helped to reduce those tiny bumps and prevent new ones from popping up. 

5. Go naked.
I wish I looked this gorgeous when I'm bare-faced.
While I still cannot avoid putting on makeup for work, I've been trying to go barefaced as much as I can. On days where I have fewer meetings, I try to put on less foundation and sometimes even skip the eyeshadow. In the evenings, I generally go barefaced except for eyeliner and lipstick, so that my skin can breathe and recover.

If you really need to apply makeup, try using lighter makeup in this heat as well so you're less likely to have clogged pores.

6. Use a hydrating face mist.

I like to spray myself with a face mist at random intervals during the day, to keep my skin moisturized and thus avoid excess oil production in the heat. It is not only cooling and refreshing, but also feels super good on my skin.

Most commercial face mists contain alcohols though (which causes that cooling effect as it evaporates), so try to avoid them and look for water-based ones instead.

Good luck with battling oily skin in this heat!

With love,
Budget Babe


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