Budget Babe finally gets Facebook!

I have to admit, I never expected this blog to go viral, nor did I expect such an overwhelming response on my articles. In fact, I didn't even know my posts were going viral on Facebook until my friends started telling me they were seeing my blog being shared on their newsfeeds. I didn't even see my posts being shared on my own newsfeed. When I started this blog, my original intention was simply to write in a personal space and share some of my money-saving / career / life tips that my friends and juniors often ask me about. But today, what has started out as a personal project has grown into a place where people come to seek advice on how to survive in our extremely expensive (and competitive) Singapore.

It heartens me that many of you have found my tips helpful in your own lives, and I am encouraged to continue sharing whatever I have with all of you. 
So after numerous emails from you readers asking if I have a Facebook account for people to follow for updates, I've finally relented. This comes a bit late, and I've only invited a small group of personal friends to like the page thus far, so do follow and support if you'll like to be updated on my future posts!

With love,
Budget Babe


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